Basic Policy on Anti-Social Forces

Taking a firm stance against anti-social forces that threaten the order and safety of society, GLP Japan Advisors Inc. (the “Company”) sets out its Basic Policy on Anti-Social Forces as below, under which it prohibits any kinds of dealings or relationships with such forces in an effort to secure integrity and stability of its business.

1. Response as an organization

The Company will respond to anti-social forces in a systematic way as an integrated organization. We will also seek to secure the safety of officers and employees that must deal with anti-social forces.

2. Collaboration with external organizations

The Company will strive to establish a close and collaborative relationship with external specialists such as the police and legal counsel.

3. Ban on any relationships, including business dealings, with anti-social forces

The Company will not engage in any kind of relationship, including business relationships, with anti-social forces. In addition, we will not agree to any unjustifiable requests from such forces.

4. Civil and criminal responses in emergency situations

The Company will take legal action under both civil and criminal law against unjustifiable requests by anti-social forces.

5. Prohibition against backdoor deals or provision of funds

The Company will never make backdoor deals with or provide funds to anti-social forces.