GLP Japan Advisors Inc. President & CFO Yoji Tatsumi

GLP Japan Advisors Inc., which was established in February 2011 as an asset manager of GLP J-REIT, will make every effort to maximize our investors’ value, benefiting from the extensive experience of Global Logistic Properties Limited in operating logistics facilities and providing best-in-class asset management services that are recognized in Japan and globally.

Demand for large-scale, highly functional leasable logistics facilities has been growing in recent years. Drivers include steady growth of the third-party logistics market, as companies increasingly look to outsource their logistics operations to improve efficiency and reduce costs, in addition to continuing evolution of the e-commerce sector associated with changes in consumers’ attitudes to internet and mail-order services.

In this favorable market environment, GLP Pte. Ltd. the indirect wholly owning parent company of GLP Japan Advisors and one of the world’s largest providers of modern logistics facilities, has been providing highly functional and environmentally friendly logistics facilities in Japan, China, the United States, Europe and Brazil as important infrastructure that supports urban living and economic activities.

GLP J-REIT, for which GLP Japan Advisors manages assets, aims to earn stable income and achieve steady growth in assets under management over the medium and long term. It seeks to do this by investing in large-scale, highly functional modern logistics facilities that are expected to enjoy strong demand, thanks to the scarcity of such facilities in Japan.