Organization Chart


A. Board of Directors
The Board of Directors is the decision-making body for basic important management matters including the management strategy of the Asset Manager and in principle meets monthly to decide on basic business policies and supervise the business execution of the President. It also makes decisions regarding the selection and dismissal of the Compliance Officer, with such decisions requiring a two thirds majority vote of the directors present.
B. Executive Officers and Departments
The organization of GLP Japan Advisors comprised of the following departments

Investments Department: acquisition of properties the leasing and management of investment assets as well as strategic planning and the analysis of market surveys
Corporate Planning Department: Matters concerning fund procurement, surplus funds, accounting and investor relations
General Administration Department: Matters concerning general administration, operation, human resources, IT

Chief Investment Officer undertakes Investment Department and Chief Financial Officer undertakes Corporate Planning Department as well as General Administration Department

C. The Investment Committee and the Compliance Committee

C. The Investment Committee and the Compliance Committee
The Investment Committee reviews and decides on matters concerning the management of the assets of GLP J-REIT, which is engaged in the management of assets, and related matters, and the Compliance Committee aims to ensure ongoing compliance with all relevant laws, regulations and rules by the Asset Manager.
D. Chairman
The Asset Manager may appoint Chairman, if necessary, upon the resolution of the Board of Directors. Chairman is able to support and advise to President within the scope of business, which is resolved by the Board of Directors.